Guide to the Arena

Kokura Racing Fan Free Bus Schedule
Kokura Evening Racing Shuttle Bus Schedule

Kokura Station and Media Dome vicinity

Media Dome vicinity

-A free stamp is given to keirin race spectators using the P3 (*1) paid parking lot. Inquire with a staff member inside the venue for details.
-The early ticket sales/refundable parking lot is free. Turn on your hazard lights when parked there.
-"Days when events are held" refers to days when events are held at the venue and days when tickets are sold outside the venue.
*1 The title "P3" is used for clarity within the map but is not used at the actual parking lot.

Transportation Mode and Time Required

11 minutes from JR Kokura Station by monorail and foot
1 minute by car from the Adachi Lamp on the Kitakyushu Urban Expressway
1 minute from the Mihagino Intersection on Route 3
Parking: Approx. 2,000 spaces including metered parking lots in the vicinity

Address: 3-1-1 Mihagino, Kokura Kita-ku, Kitakyushu City

Kokura Racing Fan Free Bus Schedule

Kokura Station Line
South Exit at Kokura Station (#8) Heiwa Dori (#4) Mihagino Kokura Bicycle Racetrack
AM 10:30 10:35 10:40 10:45
PM 15:15 15:20 15:25 15:30

Shimonoseki/Mojiko Line
Shimonoseki Ekimae (#9) Karato 1-chome, Higashihonmachi Mojiko Retro Mojiko Station Moji Ekimae Kokura Bicycle Racetrack
AM 10:00 10:03 10:20 10:22 10:24 10:40 10:59

Orio/Kurosaki Line
Orio Station (#2) Kurosaki Bus Center (#2) 2-chome, Chuomachi Itozu Sansaro Minami Kokura Ekimae Kogane-cho Kokura Bicycle Racetrack
AM 9:40 9:59 10:11 10:24 10:29 10:33 10:45

Kurosaki/Tobata Line
Kurosaki Bus C (#2) Dozimaru Ohashi Dori Tobata Station Asou Dori Saiwaimachi Dori Kokura Bicycle Racetrack
AM 9:43 10:00 10:08 10:17 10:19 10:21 10:43

Yukuhashi Line
Yukuhashi Office Yukuhashi Ekimae Dori Kanda Ekimae Shimosone Ekimae Jono Ekimae Kokura Bicycle Racetrack
AM 10:00 10:02 10:14 10:25 10:40 10:55


Kokura Evening Racing Shuttle Bus Schedule

Kokura Bicycle Racetrack Mihagino Heiwa Dori (#6) Kokura Station (#1)
20:45 arrival
2 buses operations only on the last day of Kokura Evening Racing. (the second bus leaves after the award ceremony)